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Suboxone is a good choice in the treatment of those addicted to opioids, both illegal or prescription. It contains both buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine, is a partial opioid agonist which works well for addiction because it does not cause euphoria, does not build up a tolerance, and does not suppress respirations if taken in large doses. The second ingredient, naloxone, blocks the effect of other opioids, controls cravings, and if taken appropriately, does not allow a person to relapse. 

Other similar meds work in much the same fashion. Subutex and sublocade ("the suboxone shot") are commly used for opioid addiction and also produce excellent results.

Suboxone is truly revolutionary because counseling/rehab/psych support alone generally results in an 85% relapse rate. However, counseling combined with medication generally only has a 15% relapse rate.

Remember that abstaining from drugs is only the first step toward recovery. It is not the same as recovery. Patients being treated with suboxone / subutex / sublocade need to be getting psychological help as well in order to have true recovery. 

Other addictions such as cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamines and even food addiction also respond very well to medication-assisted treatment. If you are struggling with addiction, call to schedule a phone interview and see how we can help you.