"I received ketamine treatment for depression. The staff at Promise Medical were not only very professional, but kind and sincerely interested in my experience and my well-being. Ketamine has been, BY FAR, the most effective treatment I have ever had in almost 20 years of trying different combinations of medications for depression!"



" I have suffered from depression for over 30 years. It has gotten worse in the last 20 or so years. I have been suicidal many times. The oral Ketamine was helpful to me, but the injection was so much more help. I am still feeling strong, and that I can live with all my health challenges. I am not cured from the depression, but I can function more often. I do have incapacitated days. I just don't have them as often as I did. I am very excited to have this new medication for my depression. I do wholeheartedly recommend this treatment if you have not been able to find a medication that works for you.  "


" I have had depression since my early teens and (for the last 30 years) have tried numerous medications to treat it with minimal success. When I first heard about Ketamine I was reluctant to try it simply because I didn’t want to be disappointed again. I first tried the oral Troches and wasn’t sure it made a difference until the following day when my wife asked if I would take the kids so she could go out that night. Normally I would feel a sense of dread but I felt completely okay with the thought of it. Beyond that I did have my down times but it was definitely better. Once I had the injection I noticed a considerable difference. I have always had these feelings of impending doom that arise throughout my day but after the injection I didn’t have them. Every couple of days I do take an oral dose to help extend it’s efficacy but it does work wonderfully. I function at life much better than I have for ages."


" I had been struggling with depression and debilitating chronic headaches from a TBI that I had sustained. I honestly felt like I had experienced some of the first stages of death when a human dies of cerebral hypoxia, Its very hard to describe and even more challenging for me to convey in words for you to imagine and feel the feelings and sensations. After feeling so depressed and not human for so long I thought I had forfeited life, so I was living in a very dark and lonely place. I knew my spirit would live if I physically  died, I was just worried about where my spirit was going to be if I did move forward with leaving my body and not so functioning ball of nerves behind. 

Then I met Dr. Anne Vincent and she is by far the most awesome, caring, outgoing, positive, uplifting and most importantly, she is not a judgmental person. It's a privilege to have her in your corner! I have tried so many different things over the past 6 years to get rid of these headaches / maintain my TBI it's unbelievable.... then one day she tells me about Ketamine... The first treatment I had was the start of a new life for me! After my first session I felt like I had a new beginning and a fresh start. The Ketamine therapy is incredible! I looked at life in a completely different way after my first treatment! I felt like I have a chance, I can live! there is hope! and ever since I have been making progress in my life that I did not think would ever be possible again. I go in for maintenance sessions and look forward to each and everyone of them.  Try it once, you wont regret it!   Bye Bye Depression :)


I love this place and our doctor. She is the best and totally understands what your going through and what you need. She never judges you and always advises you and how to better yourself. And positively uplifts you and will never shame you or put you down. Thank you promise medical for being there for me when I needed you the most. Sincerely, A very satisfied patient.