- Rapid COVID Testing -

Promise Medical administers a rapid COVID-19 test via Saliva that takes 24 hours to run and has the most accurate results of any test on the market. 


HOW is it done? : saliva testing. (NO up-the-nose brain ticklers!) Do not eat or drink, or smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before test.  


WHERE ? : tested from the comfort of your car window.  Stay in the parking lot and call us when you arrive!


HOW MUCH does it cost ?:  IF you have symptoms, the COVID test is paid 100% by your insurance.  If you don't have symptoms (you want to be tested because of an exposure, or have to get on a plane, etc) then you will have to do the cash pay price of $125


HOW LONG Does it take?  : it usually takes 24 hours from the time the lab receives it. We drop off specimens to the lab once daily, at the end of the day


WHEN should I be tested? : The molecular (saliva) test is accurate at the onset of symptoms, or within 48 hours of exposure.


HOW ACCURATE is the saliva test? Saliva testing is a molecular test which is considered 100% accurate. It is much more accurate than the nasal swab, and in many cases more accurate than the blood test! 


WHAT DO I DO NOW?  Call Promise medical and make an appt. to be tested. 385-262-4135